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clear bicycle raincoat
We  provide  clear bicycle raincoat  china supplier. We have been in the clear bicycle raincoat 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply transparent raincoat.
Packing volume: 30x40cm.
Material: plastic
Gross weight: 0.7
Rain gear type: bicycle poncho.
Applicable object: adult.
Thickness: regular application.
Number: 1 person
Fashionable and transparent, break through tradition, say goodbye to the old color single, opaque old raincoat, make rainy day also fashionable. The material is durable, high waterproof, soft and not hard.
1、Questions about clear bicycle raincoat.
When riding in the wind, clear bicycle raincoat will fly to block my sight, who has a good solution to this problem?
It's very simple, you just hang a heavy weight in front of raincoat. For example, clip a small iron clip, when the front end becomes heavy, the wind will not blow up. The clear bicycle raincoat in my home is doing this. Or if you want to be creative, then you can make some decorations on the front of the raincoat yourself. For example, stitching some beads and other small accessories with needles, Or you can use sticky, or else, buy some small accessories to hang up. In short, made the raincoat front end is heavy, let it hang down!
2、What is the material of clear bicycle raincoat?
Clear bicycle raincoat  made of PVC or polyamide plastic (pa) polycarbonate plastic (pc).Transparent Raincoat factory

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