Cosmetic Glass Packaging Made in China

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Product Name:Glass Concentrate Jar
Volume:3ml 7ml
About the product
●   3ml 7ml Clear Glass Jars for Skincare Cream Jar
●   Ideal for Make up,Eye Shadow,Nails, powders,Oils, Waxes, And Shatters Neatly, Paint
Our services
(1). Custom color: We can make any color for plastic bottles according to your pantone color number.
(2). Custom design: If you have your own design, welcome to send us your design or samples, we can do as per your specific requests.
(3). Custom logo/label: Your own logo can be put on your  products by hot stamping, silk screen printing , embossing, UV coating, sticker or shrink film.
(4). Free sample:We can supply free bottles for you to test quality.Cosmetic Glass Packaging Made in China

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