Iron Oxide Pigments For Construction Made in China

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Xinxiang RongBo Pigment Science & Technology CO.,LTD was established in 1978. The factory being specialized in manufacturing iron oxide pigments. Factory mainly produces iron oxide series pigments, which is the governing unit of iron oxide pigments branch of china coating industry association.There are 3 production lines, the production scale of more than 30,000 tons.
Our Factory
Founded in 1978, Xinxiang RongBo Pigment Science & Technology CO.,LTD locates at Xinxiang City, Henan Province. The factory area is about 200 acres. The registered capital is 30million RMB. At present, it has more than 80million RMB of fixed assets. It’s close to the Jinggang’ao expressway and G107 State Road. Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed railway and Xinxiang-Heze railway are crossing here, the traffic is very convenient.   
Our Product
Our company’s main products: powder iron oxide red(black,yellow, orange, brown,green, blue), granular iron oxide red(black,yellow, orange, brown,green, blue), ultrafine iron oxide, more than 30 series.
Product Application
Iron oxide pigment is a kind of pigments with good dispersion, good light resistance and weather resistance. Iron oxide pigment mainly refers to iron oxide red, iron yellow, iron black and iron brown pigments based on iron oxides. Among them, iron oxide red (about 50% of iron oxide pigment, mica iron oxide used as anti-rust pigment and magnetic iron oxide used as magnetic recording material also belong to the category of iron oxide pigment. Iron oxide is second only to titanium dioxide. The second largest inorganic pigment, it is also the largest color inorganic pigment. More than 70% of the total consumption of iron oxide pigments is prepared by chemical synthesis, called compounding Synthetic iron oxide is widely used in building materials and coatings because of its high purity, uniform particle size, wide chromatogram, multi-color, inexpensive, non-toxic, excellent coloring and application performance, absorption of ultraviolet rays, and so on. It is extensively used in bitumen, plastics, paper, rubber, friction materials, cement, concrete, masonry, wear-resistant floor, paint ,coating ,coil coating, sawdust, wood plastic composite,ceramic, glass, enamel pigment and other fields.     
 Iron Oxide Pigments For Construction Made in China

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