The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group serves small to medium sized business, from new ventures to well established businesses. As a full service business law firm, we have a variety of practice areas to help your growing business. We are your partner in all things legal, allowing you to focus your time and resources on growing your own business. Consider Hamraz Legal and Economic Group your fractional in-house attorney.

While Hamraz Legal and Economic Group works with a variety of organizations and industries, we specialize in working with small businesses; real estate developers, and contractors; manufacturers and distributors; banks, lending and financial institutions; and Technology and R & D Companies.



The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group serves a number of financial institutions and private lenders and have established several practice areas that will suit the needs of your business. In addition, our attorneys in our corporate counsel, and banking and lending practice areas understand the unique needs of banking and financial organizations in these areas of practices.

Our attorneys advise clients and in the lending and financing play of businesses, as either lenders or borrowers. We routinely assist in closing complex financing and loan transactions, workouts, and loan acquisitions. We have also represented companies in private loan and equity investment transactions and collections related activities.


Manufacturers & Distributors

The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group serves a number of manufacturing and distributing businesses. Establishing new manufacturer and supplier agreements or negotiating these agreements is essential to managing your business.

Our attorneys are experienced in intellectual property rights and dispute resolution; confidentiality agreements, and unique financing agreements as it pertains to managing complex inventories. Our attorneys also work routinely outside of the United States and are familiar with import / export regulations.


Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Our seasoned legal team is well versed in serving the needs of small businesses. We advise clients that are both new ventures as well as established small businesses. As a small business owner or CEO, the legal landscape can be daunting. We act as a fractional in-house counsel, advising our clients on various state, federal, and corporate requirements.

Our firm understands the unique legal needs of small businesses and the evolving legal requirements. Whether establishing new contracts, dealing with a myriad of human resource issues, or negotiating a difficult financial transaction, we have a practice area that serves your needs. We have experience with all forms of business organizations, including sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, corporations, and single and multi-member limited liability companies.


Real Estate Owners, Developers & Contractors

The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group has a number of clients in the real estate industry including real estate developers, contractors, real estate brokers, property management / landlord companies and commercial construction companies. Through these clients and working the relevant practice areas, Hamraz Legal and Economic Group is experienced and capable of handling all your legal real estate related needs.

Our transactional attorneys provide quality counsel and representation through all phases of property acquisition and construction, from initial planning and development to contract preparation and performance. We are also well versed in litigation and dispute resolution and can draw from a wealth of experience to help your business make informed decisions quickly and cost effectively. Hamraz Legal and Economic Group also has a dedicate commercial real estate practice committed to serving your needs and routinely advises clients with respect to federal and state environmental statutes and regulations.


Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsels and in-house lawyers can be an important element in corporate success. To succeed, a company’s legal team needs to comprehensively approach each legal issue, analyze business and legal issues simultaneously, and help set an appropriate course for the business. These lawyers enable a company to achieve its goals, anticipate potential issues, and help serve as a moral compass for the organization.

However, not every company is in the position to have an attorney working in-house. Some businesses decide that the cost of an in-house legal team outweighs the benefits. Others find their in-house counsel lacks expertise in a particular area of the law. Since its inception, The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group has acted as outside general counsel to companies large and small throughout the United States. These clients are in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, materials distribution, and commercial real estate development.

Our attorneys are committed to learning the complexities and needs of our clients’ businesses, whatever their size. We can address a particular issue or legal question or provide a thorough legal review of a client’s entire business on a singular or on-going basis. We can also assist a client’s internal legal staff to provide a full-service legal team. Whatever the legal needs of your business, we provide efficient, effective day-to-day and strategic counsel across a wide variety of legal disciplines.


Research & Development Companies

The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group serves a number of technology companies and research and development phase companies. If you are a technology or R&D company, the needs of your company are especially unique with respect to managing your intellectual property.

Hamraz Legal and Economic Group has an established intellectual property practice area and can help your company develop an intellectual property strategy to protect your valuable technology under development. We represent businesses in the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, and provide advice on related intellectual property matters. We are also experienced in negotiating sale and licensing agreements helping to monetize your assets in the form of trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and technology.

The Hamraz Legal and Economic Group also works directly with individual inventors. Some of our clients have developed a great idea or a new technology and want to protect that idea before pursuing plans to monetize it.

Hamraz Legal and Economic Group has an established intellectual property practice area and can help you develop an intellectual property strategy to protect your idea and also advise you on the many different options (eg. forming a new venture, licensing) that you can pursue as the next step. We also can help protect you against the infringement of your intellectual property.